FaceComic Docs (eng)

What is FaceComic

FaceComic is a community driven, web platform (Italian-born in late 2017) which produces multi-language web-comic Issues created by the work of Authors from all over the world. Income from Issue sales are redistributed among Authors on a page view basis.


FaceComic aims to build a publishing platform for Authors willing to better monetize own Comics


Today (as of January 2018) the FaceComic audience is mostly Italian. Every comic *must* have an italian translation for starters, with additional optional translations to other languages.

Income redistribuition

Facecomic is sold per issue. Authors will have access to sales and traffic records, required for the page-view redistribution. Details are regularly updated in the FaceComic T&C that Authors accept before uploading their works.

How does it work?

Start monetizing your comics:

  1. Sign in / Log in;
  2. Upload your work;
  3. Join the Author issue group and discuss details (issue price, date of publication, number of comics, etc );
  4. Discuss issue details with the Author issue group.

How much money will I earn?

As Author you will be part of the redistribuition with an author percentage. More details inside the regularly updated T&C inside the reserved area. When it comes about distribuiting money, we always want to feel as much relaxed as possible. To achieve this, we have provided a series of tools to ensure the transparency of communication and the absence of errors. Author has access to the magazine sales report where his work appears. Among Authors of the same journal, the authors themselves are chosen by two or three Authors who have the role of "Representatives of the Authors". They collaborate on a monthly basis in the elaboration of the distribution of income.

How to translate?

Facecomic is multilanguage. This means you can upload your Comics in more languages, and reach more people. In case you need help with your translations you can meet tutors and translators inside the Author Directory.

Why should I join FaceComic?

If you produce your own original Comics, you absolutely should join FaceComic, because:

  1. you will earn money;
  2. you will reach new markets;
  3. you will improve your experience as you participation in the issue production process.
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